Grundtvigs Højskole is a traditional folk high school in Hillerød, Denmark. It started as a school for farmer kids in 1895 but today serves as a transitional point for young people of many backgrounds between the age of 18 and 28, where they can study and choose a direction for future education. Every year more refugees are coming to Europe. There were about 6000 applications for refugee status in Denmark during 2016. To address this situation the Danish government started a special refugee program at folk high schools all across Denmark. At these schools young refugees study Danish language, culture, history, and literature. Grundtvigs Folk High School is included in this program. In the spring of 2017, 10 of 150 Grundtvigs students attended as part of this integration project. Though the Danish government has started paying more attention to this processes, integration into Danish society remains a challenge for refugees. No matter how many years some refugees live in Denmark, many still can’t – or won’t — call themselves Danish. The language, religion, and culture gaps are too big. This causes loneliness and a sense of detachment from mainstream Danish society.