Krivosheeva Ekaterina Ivanovna (80) and Petrov Ivan Kuzmich met at the gerontological center “Vishenki” in Smolensk. Ekaterina Ivanovna jokes that she has won her husband in a card game. At summer pensioners who live in the home for the elderly people love playing card games outdoors. A lot of people make acquaintances there. One day during a card game Ekaterina Ivanovna noticed that Ivan Kuzmich was giving it up in the game with her on purpose, and that is how their relationship started. After a few months of dating Ivan Kuzmich offered Ekaterina Ivanovna to move in together but she was in doubt. Ekaterina Ivanovna is a physically impaired person, and she did not want to become a burden for Ivan Kuzmich. However, this fact did not make the man hesitate, and soon they started living together. Though Ekaterina Ivanovna has serious problems with her health, she is very optimistic. She sings the leading part in a song ensemble. Ivan Kuzmich supports his woman and takes care of her.

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