Maneko Lubov Maksimovna (61) and Koshman Sergey Borisovich (70) live in the gerontological center "Vishenki” in Smolensk where they have met for the 1st time. Lubov Maksimovna doesn’t hide it that they created a family mostly due to the fact that couples are allowed to have a separate room in the center.  "Everyone was laughing at us and joking when we were registering our marriage in the civil registry office. It was a surprise for them that we had decided to marry late in life”, says Lubov Maksimovna. Lubov Maksimovna and Sergey Borisovich have tough relations with their families. Lubov Maksimovna was left on her own when her son who had been a drug addict died. Soon after that her heart problems started, and she moved to the center. Sergey Borisovich moved there after he had been paralyzed as he needed a special treatment. His relatives do not visit him.

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