Larisa Danilovna Moiseenkova (61) met Zmeev Yury Andreevich (59) with the help of her sister.  She worked at a military commissariat in which Yury Andreevich was listed as a retired military specialist. At that moment Larisa Danilovna was a widow, and Yury Andreevich had had a plan to divorce with his second wife. They started living together very quickly, because they had already had a family experience before, and they both knew what kind of a relationship they needed.  They also have a lot in common. During two years together they have never even had a huge dispute.  "People can find a better half at any age and can even have some warm feelings. I don’t know whether it is love or not but when Yury Andreevich is out for work I miss him and he misses me too", Larisa Danilovna replied.

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