Bravaya Lubov Borisovna (65) and Bravy Anatoly Alekseevitch (61) met 20 years ago. They had been working together at a plant. “As I started to work here, female colleagues asked me if I had husband or boyfriend and when I said no, predicted that I will definitely meet somebody at work. They didn’t mistake, I met Anatoly Alekseevitch, who worked at the plant as a security guard”, says Lubov Borisovna. After 20 years of relationships, the couple decided to marry officially. It was first marriage for Lubov Borisovna and second time for Anatoly Alekseevitch.

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Mohammed came to Denmark 20 years ago. He left Iraq with his elder brother after the first American invasion when he was only 8 years old.  Mohammed’s family didn’t have money to buy fake passports, so along with other refugees his family sailed across the Black Sea to reach Bulgaria. A border guard patrol stopped the ship and they had to swim to Bulgarian coast. There were not enough life jackets. Mohammed’s older brother gave him his life vest. “My brother sank. I reached the Bulgarian coast alone. I didn’t have any money or food. I ate grass as there was nothing else, and finally got sick. Refugees from Eritrea and Palestine found a doctor. We travelled together to Germany. After Germany I went to Denmark where I was stopped by immigration service. They took custody of me, which is why I stayed in Denmark. After three years the rest of my family also moved here.”
Mohammed and Reshan.